Hello there, my name is Amanda and I’m from Singapore. 


I started Scripting Spaces because of my love of travelling and my incessant need to be in control of what I do. I love planning and coordinating (that explains my day job), as much as I love seeing new places all the time. My holidays (note: plural) are planned waaay in advance and I sometimes end up browsing through apartments on Airbnb for fun, like as though my day job doesn’t keep me busy enough.


Writing about my travels and sieving through photographs enable me to relive my holidays, which ignites this little flame in my tummy.


Yes, warm fuzzy feelings do exist. It’s like having a warm cup of Kopi (Hokkien for coffee) first thing in the morning.


It is important that you know who I am, what I do and how I travel. I want to let you know that your love for travelling doesn’t have to be clamped down by the misconception that you need to be rich to make that happen.


Here are some facts about me that will give you a better idea of who I am.


  1. I am a coffee lover. Coffee in every country tastes different and I believe that coffee says a lot about the place. Where there is coffee, there is culture.


  1. I love cities. There is something about the buzz and cultural heterogeneity that makes me feel alive. There is so much to take in.


  1. I believe in balance. Too much of one thing is never good, even when it comes to holidays. I like an all-rounded experience when it comes to being in a foreign place for the first time.


  1. I am an extremely organized person. My money is always the right way around, in ascending order of denomination. I have a place to keep everything, have a checklist for packing (not just for holidays) and I never eat dessert before my main course.


  1. I have a lipstick obsession.


I can’t guarantee that my travel style is one that suits all travellers, but I promise to be honest and open in my writing.


Hopefully, through sharing my travel experiences and my love for detail, I help you fall in love with the whole process of travelling – planning, making decisions and creating memories.


<3, A

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