Must Try Food in Bangkok

Having gone to Bangkok 2 times within 3 months, I’m fortunate enough to have eaten a variety of Thai food and needless to say, my tummy was very satisfied when I returned.

Both trips were very similar in terms of what I did, but I went with my then-boyfriend on the first trip and with my friends on the second one. Naturally, the dynamics of both trips were very different.

For the first trip over the long National Day weekend in August, I relied mostly on Google as it has been a few years since I’ve gone to Bangkok.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Google is THAT knowledgeable friend that everyone calls when they need help. It is the helpline on everyone’s speed dial and it has saved my life more times than I can count.

The first thing that I did was to type “Top Cafes in Bangkok”. The thing that I notice in my recent vacations is that the cafe culture is hard to miss. It has suddenly become a “thing”, where getting a coffee meant paying $5 for a Cappuccino instead of $1 for a Kopi.

Free wifi is almost always expected and this meant that young travellers like myself use this opportunity to login to Instagram to upload a fancy schmancy photo of my coffee cup (See example below)


Anyway, I digress.

Google makes everything easy. I had no problem getting lists after lists on what cafes Bangkok has to offer. Same goes for “Top things to eat in Bangkok”.

On my second trip, my friends had local friends in Bangkok, so we relied on that to get around.

I was a lot more relaxed on my second trip as I knew I could depend on my newly found local Thai friend. (He was an amazing host by the way.)

It was pretty easy for me to get around on both trips. Information was so accessible in both instances, so you can still have a good time even if you don’t know anyone local!

Moving on to the delicious bits…

I had so much good (and cheap) food but to keep this post sweet and simple for most people who go to Bangkok for only a couple of days, I will highlight some of the places that you shouldn’t leave Bangkok without trying!

1. Petite Audey @ Siam Centre


This is on the 4th floor where there are many other restaurants as well. They have other branches as well, but since we were shopping at the Siam Center/Paragon area, we went to this outlet .


The waitresses there are dressed in Victorian-looking outfits and the cafe sooo pretty! That’s our new thai friend in the photo! His name is Aon, we call him Pi Aon (Pi = older male in Thai). Cheryl and Pi Aon were taking charge of the ordering as they’ve been here before.

I expected normal brunch food but the menu took me by surprise! They had Thai and Western fusion food which was pretty cool.

Some dishes we ordered to share:


Tom Yum Goong Pizza

This was so amazing! You can really taste the Tom Yum flavour, plus the crust of this pizza was really thin and biscuit-like. It was really light on the stomach, and together with the tanginess of the Tom Yum, it was extremely refreshing!


Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes with Cheddar Cheese Dip

The cheese dip wasn’t as cheesy as I expected it to be, so I was a little disappointed. BUT THE MASH POTATO BALLS. HOLY CRAP. They were so crunchy on the outside and the potato was so smooth on the inside! Overall, the potato balls saved the dish and went quite well with the cheese.


Spaghetti Pesto Sauce with Smoked Salmon

The pesto sauce was quite yummy. I enjoyed the pasta a lot more than the salmon because I’m not really a salmon person. The spaghetti had a good texture, it was just the right amount of chewy 😉


We were pretty full by the time it got to dessert but as mentioned, Cheryl was in charge of ordering so she went ahead and picked two desserts that were highly recommended online!


Thai Milk Tea SIzzling Roti

The star of the show!! When this hot plate arrived, the waiter started to pour the Thai Milk Tea sauce onto the hot plate. It started to sizzle and the marshmallows started to melt as well. The base of this dessert is layers of roti (Malay for bread). The fluffiness was just right. The hot sauce combined with the vanilla ice cream and melted marshmallows is a winning combination.


Milo Volcano Crepe Cake (THB125)

I love anything Milo and when we saw this on the menu, we just had to give it a try. From where I come from (Singapore), crepe cakes are all the rage now but they are just so expensive. This cake was 125 Baht (about SGD5). The cake is so light and creamy, the sauce was just delectable and the Milo powder sprinkled all around added an extra punch to the cake! One minor point about the cake is that, because it is so creamy, the milky taste overpowered the Milo taste. I would have liked more Milo flavour in the cake itself.

Note to self: Find out the prices when I’m back next time! Sorry guys I didn’t take down the prices as this was so long ago. Dishes are not expensive – they range about SGD$5-15.

You can find them @:

Address: Siam Center, 418 Rama1 Road. Pathumwan 10330, Thailand

Tel: +66 2 658 1545

Opening Hours: 1000hrs – 2200hrs daily


2. Ob Aroi Seafood Restaurant

Our wonderful host and friend drove us to this restaurant. We were staying quite far away so thank goodness we had a car! Taking a cab might prove to be easier than trying to get there via public transport!

The place was packed when we arrived! They had a small indoor seating area but the outside area had over 100 tables!! If you look behind our table, you’ll see how packed it was!


Left to Right: Charlene, Pi Aon, Kerrie, Me and Cheryl


Grilled Scallops with Butter

These scallops were so fresh! And can I just say that the presentation of the dish is so simple but with the pearly shell and the green herbs, it made us want to dig in right away! The herbs weren’t too overpowering and the scallops were juicy and disintegrated in my mouth!


Salt Baked Sea Bass

This fish (as the name suggests) is grilled with a top covering of coarse salt. This keeps the flesh in the fish soft and moist. How you’re supposed to eat it, is to uncover the skin of the fish, and attack the meat on the inside! The fish was extremely fresh and did not have a strong fishy smell. You might find this at some road side stalls as well. I skipped the skin as it looked really salty.


Crab Curry

This might look like a normal and unassuming curry dish, but when I took the first bite, the flavours exploded in my mouth! It felt a little weird that I could have a whole mouthful of crab meat at one go. Usually when you have to start peeling the shell and digging for crab meat, it gets a little tiresome after a while that you get full. So it’s a plus point that the crabs have been de-shelled! This is definitely a must try!!


Mango Sticky Rice

What’s a Thai dinner without Mango Sticky Rice? Because our Thai language skills is non-existent, and wanted to order Mango Sticky Rice with extra mango, we looked at Pi Aon and shouted “WE WANT EXTRA MANGO!! ORDER EXTRA MANGO!!” (I promise we didn’t sound that rude but we insisted for our extra mango HAHA. Enough said, sweet mango + a lot of glutinous rice = ORDER!!)

We ordered other dishes like fried rice, vegetables and prawns and those dishes were okay as well, but the above recommendations are definitely the highlight of our dinner!

You can find them @:

Address: 94 Lat Phrao 101 Rd, Thailand

Tel: +66 2 559 0628

Opening Hours: 1600hrs – 2300hrs, 1130hrs -2300hrs on Sundays.




This is a Thai Style Salad that can be found at many roadside stalls.  It is actually dry Tom Yum Instant Noodles served with seafood and onions. Some will add in fish cakes and sausages too. They use the spice from the instant noodle packets and toss it with onions and herbs as well! As a Tom Yum lover, this was really something I’ve never tried before and I absolutely loved it!! Might I add, this is super addictive 😉

Look how beautiful the colours are!!

Noodles were tangy and it was the right amount of spice. This wouldn’t cost you a lot if you get them from a roadside stall.

4. SABX2 Wanton Mee

This was one of the few things that I stumbled upon the internet and told myself that I needed to try before leaving Bangkok! We went there at about 11am in them morning and there was already a queue from the entrance out to the road side! Thankfully the long queue started to form after we arrived and we got a table in about 20 minutes. This famous wanton noodles is located along the street next to Shibuya Glow.


Check out the cook’s cool rockstar hair 😉

Ordering is pretty easy, they only 2 options: regular & special, and indicate if you would like it soup or dry.

The special option comes with crab meat, which was what we ordered! This is 100 Baht. Portions are slightly smaller than what you’d pay for a whole bowl of noodles, it was surprisingly filling and left me feeling comfortably full.


Wanton Noodles with Special Topping (Which means you get crab meat)

The noodles looked bland initially, they have chilli sauce on every table that you can add, unlike in Singapore where the chilli is added before they serve.

My first thoughts were “Huh, why does it look so lame…?” But boy, was I wrong. I mixed it all up and it must be the oils they used that help to create the flavour of the noodles which tasted good!


While queuing outside, we noticed that this shop also sold pigs’ trotters and innards. For those of you who don’t like innards, this might prove to be a little overwhelming as they were preparing everything in plain sight. But if you do love innards and pigs’ trotters, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!


For some reason, they must have worked out that pigs’ trotters, intestines and wanton noodles go very well together. The braised pork was tender, the sauce was tasty and not overly salty. I am usually cautious of eating innards overseas as I most certainly did not want to get food poisoning and a bad stomach, and I was fine after eating this!

Be prepared to share your table is you’re traveling in a party of two and it gets increasingly crowded. It wasn’t an issue for us and we made friends with another Singaporean couple who sat opposite us.

You can find them @:

Address: 6, 2/6 Soi Phetchaburi 19, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Opening Hours: 0900hrs – 1500hrs daily

5. Thong Lor Mango Sticky Rice

I mentioned earlier in my post that we had Mango Sticky Rice at one of the seafood restaurants that we went to.

Thong Lor’s Mango Sticky Rice was recommended to me by my brother and he was raving about it when he got back from Bangkok. Being a fan of Mango Sticky Rice, I was so excited and told myself I had to try it.


This stall is hard to miss. When you start walking down the street from exit 4 of Thong Lor BTS Station, this will be on your left not too far from the start of the street.


The mangoes were really fresh and sweet! They were also very generous with their coconut sauce so that it wasn’t dry. I love how they also gave us the seed in the middle. There is actually a lot of mango flesh around the seed so it’s good that they didn’t let it go to waste. This dish was slightly above average. Kudos to the sweet and juicy mangoes but the rice was so-so.


We saw another shop opposite and were also very curious as it had many recommendations on the front.


We decided to be greedy and order another portion so we can do a comparison between the two!


As you can see, the mango to rice ratio was just nice in my opinion. Some places, they give their customers a lot of rice and too little mango. The coconut sauce was really yummy too, not too bland and the fried salty mung beans on the side added a little crunch to each mouthful.

In my opinion, both dishes are two of the better ones that I’ve tasted in Bangkok. Personally the second one wins by just a little as I like the rice better. But if you are trying Mango Sticky Rice for the first time or aren’t eating the two together, I would say both are just as good 🙂

You can find them @:

Address: Thong Lor Station Exit 4, Sukhumvit Soi 38

6. Kuang Heng Chicken Rice

Kuang Heng Chicken Rice is also known as the green shirt chicken rice because their staff all wear green, and their competitor wears pink shirts.


Located on the way back to our apartment and near Platinum Fashion Mall.


Chicken Rice for Two (THB50)

The chicken rice is slightly different from Singapore’s Chicken Rice. Unlike Singapore’s Chicken Rice, Kuang Heng’s Chicken Rice does not come with any sauce or gravy. If you look at my picture, the chicken looks really dry. But when we actually ate the chicken with the chilli that they gave us, together with the extremely fragrant rice, it did taste a lot better than it looked.

For SGD2, it was extremely worth it!


Chicken Satay

We also ordered Chicken Satay to try (greedy us oops) and the BBQ taste was not too overpowering. It was quite tasty but if you’re afraid to over order, you won’t miss out much if you skip this.


Popiah (Chinese Spring Roll) (THB35)

The popiah on the other hand was really nothing I’ve ever tasted. This chinese spring roll was a very different version as compared to Singapore. The sauce was slightly sweet and tangy and went very well with the vegetables in the popiah! Those in Singapore are not drizzled with sauce and just come plain and white.

You can find them @:

Address:Address: 960-962 Phetchaburi Rd. Soi 30, Bangkok

Tel:+66 2 251 8768

Opening Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week!

I’ve come to the end of my list (did I hear someone say Yay?) and of course this is not an exhaustive list. This list is good if you’re visiting Bangkok for 2-3 days and were the highlight of both my trips in August and November. These places are pretty accessible as well. Taxis in Bangkok are not expensive (cheaper than riding a Tuk Tuk). I usually load the location on Google Maps and then show it to the driver. 

Hit me up if you have other recommendations that you think should make this list!

Till next time,


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